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As parts of the economy continue reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic, Nashville is allowing businesses to do a soft reopening for concerts with some restrictions.

The city is entering Phase 2 of their reopening plan this week including restaurants and retailers at 75 percent capacity, bars that sell food hosting concerts with no more than two performers on stage and more.

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On top of the two performers on stage at a time limit, equipment needs to be sanitized between performances.

There are also no dancefloors allowed and social distancing is still in effect. Performers are also needing to stay at least 10 feet apart from each other during a concert.

Further, Phase 2 sees gatherings of up to 25 people for weddings, parties, meetings and other such activities.

Retail store employees must wear face masks and screen daily for symptoms. Gyms, nail salons and other high touch businesses are also opening at 50 percent capacity.

All residents are still being recommended to wear a face covering when in public.

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The city’s Phase 2 plans launched on Monday (May 25) while the third phase could come if things go well. If they see “positive improvement” or a stable level from starting Phase 2 for 14 days they move to the next stage.

The third phase is allowing restaurants and bars serving food to open at full capacity. Currently, standard bars without food cannot operate but under Phase 3 they could run with 50 percent capacity and no standing at the bar.

The next step is also allowing music venues, clubs and other entertainment based businesses to reopen at 50 percent capacity. at that point, going to a concert would also look a bit different.

While this isn’t a complete return for live music, small bar restaurants could host a one or two person artist or band now without issues.

What do you think of Nashville allowing some venues to operate under their reopening plan’s Phase 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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