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Harry Potter Marauder's Map mask[Photo via Warner Bros]

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, face masks are becoming an everyday necessity for many worldwide. Because of this, retailers and companies are starting to create various new masks that represent everyone’s styles and interests. Now, one company has created a face mask that Harry Potter fans are trying to get their hands on.

Online retailer Colorado Pony Express (CPEX) has released a unique Harry Potter Marauder’s Map face mask that is already selling out.

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Recently, retailers and bands have started to release face masks as the pandemic continues. This week, Sum 41 teamed up with Hopeless Records to release limited-edition masks where proceeds go to helping local COVID-19 response teams. As well, the Maine and My Chemical Romance are just a few of the other artists to begin selling face masks.

Now, Harry Potter fans can follow good health and safety practices in style with a new face mask from CPEX. The highly sought after mask features a color-changing design that reveals the Marauder’s Map which Potterheads will instantly recognize as the parchment paper that shows Hogwarts‘ castle and grounds.

The mask’s design also represents the Marauder’s Map’s ability to erase its information with the flick of a wand. At first glance, the mask appears black. However, as it is worn and breathed on, the breath’s temperature causes the mask’s fabric to change. As a result, the Marauder’s Map is revealed.

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For Stefanie Hook, the mask’s creator, she chose to create the now popular Harry Potter product as a way to bring some magic during these difficult times.

“I try to bring imagination to life in the creation of my products, ensuring that they are not one-dimensional items,” Hook says in an interview with Insider. “I like to give the average person the ability to own items that are unique. [And] bring magic into the real world in hopes to further inspire others to create and be creative.”

The mask has grown in popularity thanks to TikTok. Hook posted a video showing the color-changing fabric’s magic on the video-sharing platform.

@coloradopexPROTOTYPE? slight changes to come *I used a black light to help highlight the glow in the dark due to lack of NL ##aliceinwonderland ##mask ##artist♬ original sound – coloradopex

Starting May 29, the non-medical grade mask will be available to purchase on Hook’s website. The mask is being produced in very limited quantities and will be sold for $18.

Hook explained to Insider that she uses a color-changing pigment to achieve the color-changing effect. The fabric is activated once the temperature reaches 82 degrees Fahrenheit (about 27.8 Celsius).

Although the Harry Potter mask is non-medical grade, the CDC says people should wear cloth face masks and coverings as a way to slow the spread of coronavirus. As well, all cloth masks and face coverings should be washed regularly.

What do you think of the color-changing Harry Potter mask? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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