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Our new APTV video is a list of suggested black-owned fashion brands for you to patronize. Now more than ever, the opening of your wallet is a truly political act. Recently, a world-famous fashion company in Los Angeles seemingly endorsed police oppression in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. A lot of that store’s patrons were rightfully angered and frustrated. We can’t assuage your anger quotient, but we can help redress the balance regarding new brands to support.

These black-owned businesses carry great products, and have style for days. From quite cool enamel pins to iridescent prints and (most importantly) a disarming respect for all body types, these entrepreneurs are doing it their way. (The threat of coronavirus has paused some of them. We’re hoping the situation is temporary.)

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Now is an opportune time for people to put their money where their hearts are. The success of these businesses will go far to inspire other people to follow their dreams with product lines that are still residing in their heads. These black-owned fashion brands are forward-facing models of innovation, with a social conscience that exalts both equality and empowerment. It’s a pact that serves both the retailer and the consumer.

The bottom line here is that capitalism isn’t leaving America anytime soon. It permeates everything you do, from the clothes you buy to the places you eat to wherever you’re buying your toilet paper and snack crackers. What is important is that we understand that before we open our wallets. When you think about it, it’s a lot like punk rock. It’s totally cool for you to support your favorite major-label band you’ve loved for the last eight years. But you’re investing in an unknown band’s future when you show up early to the local show and drop for some merch. Even better when their values and yours align quite nicely.


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