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weezer 2019[Photo by: Sean Murphy]

Weezer are giving fans a slightly frustrating way to spend their time while stuck at home with a new video game that’s impossible to beat.

The band’s “The End Of The Game” Game is titled after their song of the same name and is designed specifically to be unbeatable.

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The game is inspired by the 8-bit retro games designed to have extremely difficult to beat bosses.

Its name comes from their song with that title which is appearing on their upcoming album Van Weezer.

“It’s the perfect game to play while #stayingathome because you can’t beat it,” a press release states. “Really. We’ve tried. And it’s not just cause we aren’t that good at video games.”

“It’s a computer game ode to the boss levels are that are notoriously impossible to beat, harkening back to mid-’80s and early ’90s faves like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Street Fighter II and Punch Out. It’s also a fairly obvious head nod to the band’s song “End of the Game” from their forthcoming album, Van Weezer, which is still set for release on May 15.”

You can try your hand at the new game by heading over here. If you’re able to make it to the end of the game, they have a message at the beginning that mentions you could win a prize as well.

What do you think of Weezer’s new video game? Let us know in the comments below.

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