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the walking dead zombies zombie apocalpyse[Photo via AMC]

The Walking Dead makeup supervisor, executive producer and occasional director Greg Nicotero has shared his hilarious, albeit ineffective way of staving away coronavirus

Nicotero is decorating his front gate with prop zombie heads from the show to scare away the virus. 

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The Walking Dead‘s season 10 finale has been delayed in the wake of the coronavirus. Unfortunately, fans were left with quite the cliffhanger ending. But, that certainly isn’t getting to Nicotero who seems to be living his best life and propping up zombie heads to combat the virus. 

Nicotero shared an Instagram post over the weekend of his setup, and even had the courtesy to detail which character all of the zombies represent. 

Decorating the gate at my house! Sure to scare any virus away. And if you’re curious 1. Alpha 2. Bicycle Girl 3. Female walker Carl killed in the farmhouse in ep 301 AND one of the Governor’s fish tank heads. 4. Michonne pet 1 5. Ben Gardner Governor fish tank head 6. Michonne pet number 2


It’s great to have a sense of humor during a crisis. Based on the comments of the post, Nicotero is giving everyone a much-needed laugh. Khary Payton, who plays Ezekiel on the show said, “Anyone else and you’d think this quarantine was getting to them but it’s Greg. That’s just a regular Saturday.? Love it, man.”

More The Walking Dead

With a lot of free time on their hands, some The Walking Dead fans are revisiting some of the earlier moments in the long-running drama horror.

One notable parallel to the real world that users of the show’s subreddit are pointing out is the issue of toilet paper hoarding that comes to light in the very first episode.

People have been panic buying toilet paper for the past month and supermarkets have needed to enforce limits on how many packs people can buy.

CNN notes that many people are hearing conflicting messages from officials and overpreparing gives some a sense of control.

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Now, people are reflecting back on the debut of The Walking Dead and its relation to the toilet paper fiasco. The show’s main character Rick Grimes awakens from a coma to the zombie apocalypse and meets Morgan Jones and his son who are holing up in his neighbors home. Fans are picking up on Jones’ toilet paper hoarding in the corner of the living room they’re staying in.

Turn your brightness up if you don’t notice all of the toilet paper at first.

S1E1 Days Gone Bye, they were more prepared than we thought. from thewalkingdead

Further, with people self-isolating a lot of cities are seeing a similar-looking picture in real life.

One Twitter user asked an old college roommate, Lori Kristen, to try to recreate the shot since they live in Atlanta. The results are eery but absolutely stunning. Take a look below.

Tell us what you think of Nicotero’s setup in the comments below!

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Coraline (2009)

Coraline (2009)


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