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Pete Davidson My Chemical Romance SNL[Photo via Pete Davidson/YouTube, My Chemical Romance/YouTube]

Pete Davidson is continuing to show just how big of an emo music fan he really is on Saturday Night Live. Last year, he starred alongside Kristen Stewart in a Paramore and Sum 41-inspired SNL sketch. Now, fans have discovered that Davidson may be a My Chemical Romance fan.

A few Saturday Night Live viewers were quick to notice some familiar My Chemical Romance merchandise during one of Davidson’s sketches last Saturday.

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For the past few weeks, Saturday Night Live has gone completely remote due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Davidson performed a quarantine-inspired sketch called “Stuck in the House” last Saturday. In the sketch, he raps about being stuck at home with his family, missing his friends and more. Filmed in his actual house, fans quickly spotted a number of details including a familiar sticker on Davidson’s laptop.

Reddit u/smoothiecat noticed the familiar clown sticker from My Chemical Romance’s “Cosmic Thrust Sticker Pack” sticker pack on Davidson’s computer. The sticker pack was released in 2011 as part of the band’s Danger Days release. U/smoothiecat quickly took to the MCR Reddit thread to share their find.

“Was watching SNL & I knew I had seen the middle sticker from somewhere! It’s from a Danger Days “Cosmic Thrust Sticker Pack” from MCR’s website in 2011. I actually own this sticker pack, so glad to have caught this!”

Pete Davidson has a Danger Days sticker on his laptop in latest SNL sketch from r/MyChemicalRomance

The news that Davidson may be a My Chemical Romance fan came as a shock to a few Reddit users including u/gloomforever who expressed their thoughts on the thread.

“He really doesn’t strike me as the kinda dude that would listen to MCR, especially not Danger Days.”

Recently, Davidson has been linked more to the music scene due to his friendship with Machine Gun Kelly. Davidson was name-dropped in one of MGK’s songs and also appeared on “A Message From The Count” and in his “LOCO” music video.

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You can watch the “Stuck in the House” sketch below and see if you can spot the Danger Days clown sticker.

Along with his weekly SNL appearances, Davidson’s recent comedy film Big Time Adolescence is now available to stream on Hulu. He stars in the film alongside Machine Gun Kelly, Jon Cryer and Griffin Gluck. The film follows a teen who is under the guidance of his college dropout best friend (Davidson) and his buddy (MGK).

As well, it was announced this week that Davidson’s upcoming film The King Of Staten Island is set to arrive in June. Directed by Judd Apatow, the film is a semi-autobiographical comedy of Davidson’s life growing up on Staten Island. It is based on moments from his life including when he lost his father during the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

What do you think of Davidson’s MCR reference? Let us know in the comments below!

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