Pisugar Raspberry Pi Zero battery pack

A small Raspberry Pi battery pack has been created by Pisugar Kitchen offering a power supply module specifically designed for the Pi-Zero, Pi-Zero W/WH, offering up to 2.4A output current. The Raspberry Pi battery pack is compatible with the Pi zero v1.1 and v1 but not compatible with the Pi zero v1.2. Check out the video below to learn more about the compact power solution specifically designed for the Pi Zero mini PC.

Pisugar Kitchen explained a little more behind the inspiration behind the Raspberry Pi battery pack which is now available via Tindie priced at $36 with free shipping available to the United Kingdom. “Many software engineers are able to developing products base on raspberry pi, but few of them are good at soldering. Pi zero is very small, it’s a good choice when you plan to create a portable prototype. But when it comes with a power bank connected, it’s not longer that cute. So we are thinking if there is a portable, solderless solution to supply power for pi zero, it will be very friendly for Raspberry pi beginners!

Raspberry Pi battery

Features of the Pisugar Raspberry Pi Zero battery pack include :

– It supplies power through bottom pads of pi zero and does not occupy GPIO pins. Therefore, it’s totally compatible with other piHats. You can use PiSugar even when your pi zero has no GPIO header. It’s possible to keep your pi project in the minimum size.
– Easy to Install: install in one minute. No soldering required. Use small test-pad to supply power,does not occupy any GPIO of Raspberry Pi, can be use pi without GPIO header.
– Perfect Size: standard dimension of raspberry pi zero. You can easily put your prototypes in small cases. Easy, and graceful.
– Use when charging: use the micro USB port as raspberry pi zero does. No extra charging cable required. Can be charged and supplied power to raspberry pi at the same time.
– Open-source cases: download STL files from Github and print your own pi case.Or contact usfor more open-source files.
– With magnetic design, the battery is attracted to the board. The battery won’t drop in daily use.Also, it’s very easy to install PiSugar to a pi zero. Attaching the board to the bottom side of pi zero is all the thing you need to do.
– On-board switch let you control the pi whenever you want. Single click to turn on, double clicks to turn off. There are fourLEDs indicating power level.
– You can download STL cases files from Github and print your own pi cases. There are also other open-source piHat caps which can turn your pi project into a complete product.

Source: Tindie

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