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To make travelling a little easier the developing team at Artvz Smart Luggage have created a new ride-on and auto following smart luggage range which is available from $399 offering a massive 55% saving off the recommended retail price. The limited-edition price is available for the next 17 days while the smart luggage is available via Indiegogo.

Features of the smart luggage include :

– 4.3 Miles Ride-On: Makes your traveling easy.
– 6.2 Miles Self-Following: Follows you and never leaves your sight.
– Obstacle Avoidance: Keeps on a safe path without disturbing those around it.
– Secure Unlocking Methods: Smart fingerprint and TSA Approved lock.
– Exceptional Durability: Made with high-quality German materials.
– Built-In Removable Battery: Can be smoothly taken out when needed.

“Naucrates it’s an idea that spans from all the struggles of walking through crowded airports and busy train stations. It comes to solve the hurdles we all associate with travel. No matter how much we all love visiting new places, the hard truth we can’t deny is – traveling it’s tiring. This new luggage concept has all the bells and whistles: it follows you on its own, avoids obstacles, is strong enough to let you ride it, and has a secure fingerprint sensor with a TSA approved lock. NAUCRATES is the smart luggage that makes traveling easy – with features like self-following, obstacle avoidance, smart unlocking, a built-in battery, GPS tracking, and the ability to ride-on for up to 4.3 miles.“

Source: Indiegogo

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