Band: Black
Song: 35
Album: Underground
Language: Bangla/ Bengali
Country: Bangladesh

Black is an alternative rock band from Bangladesh. It was one of the very first to come out from the Underground Scene. The band has gained popularity over the years with their newage alternative rock compositions. Black is mainly an alternative band who sings in Bengali, the language of Bangladesh. The band formed in 1998 with four members – John, Tony, Asif, Spondon. Later the band line-up changed as Miraz and Tahsan joined the band in 2000 and Spondon and Asif left the band. Their first song was released in an underground mixed album “Charpotro”, their first solo album Amar Prithibi was released in 2002 which is still a big hit. Their second album Utshober Por got released in 2003. Both albums were released from the label G-Series. Though their released music now defines them, and that has been a plethora of styles present in them from nu metal to emo like alternative, they had before that time performed in a lot of underground metal concerts covering the likes of Pantera.

Line up:
Tashan (former member)

Ei veja matir desh jodio shobuj shundor
Tobuo eto khoy charideeke, eto mrittu
Eshob tumi eriye jete paro ki?
Eshob tumi eriye jete paro na ..
Keno eto mrittu charideeke?
Proshno koro tumi, proshno tulo tomra
Eshob tumi eriye jete paro ki?
Eshob tumi eriye jete parona.
Eshob amra keu erate parina
Eshober jonno amrai daee.