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stuck at home playlist music activities coronavirus quarantine[Photo by: Konstantin Dyadyun/Unsplash]

Because of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, many people are social distancing themselves and spending a lot of time at home. While we’ll never get tired of a Netflix binge-watching session or frequent naps, it can start to get old to stay inside every day doing nothing. 

That’s why we’ve thought up 10 music-related activities you can do from the comfort of your own home that will not only keep you entertained but improve your life. You can check out our ideas below. 

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1. Get creative with your playlists

Now is a great time to spend some time organizing your Spotify or Apple Music. You can create perfectly crafted playlists based on your moods, regular activities and more so you’re always ready when someone hands you the aux. It’s also a great time to explore and find your next favorite band. 

2. Upgrade some old shoes with your favorite album cover

There are tons of video tutorials on how to paint your shoes like an album cover, and you can probably do it with basic acrylic paint you probably have laying around the house. Plus, it will make that raggedy pair of Vans or Converse acceptable to wear in public again. 

3. Make coasters out of old vinyls

If you have old vinyl records that you don’t listen to, you can make amazing crafts such as coasters out of them to show off your love of music in your space. Also, it’s pretty simple and easily customizable, so you can get crafty. 

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4. Learn an instrument

Now is the perfect time to start learning that instrument you’ve been planning on picking up for years now. To make it easier, companies such as Moog and Korg have made their synthesizer apps free. If guitar or piano isn’t your thing, you can also look up voice tutorials on YouTube to up your singing skills. 

5. Make some wall decor from old CDs

If you’re one of those people who’s still hoarding a box of old CDs, put them to use by making some envy-worthy wall decor. You’ll show off your love for music and your creative mind in one, and it’s fairly easy to put together. 

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6. Let your inner artist run wild

There are tons of tutorials for painting or drawing music-inspired art worthy of hanging on your walls. If you don’t consider yourself an artist, you’ll be surprised how many different tutorials there are that don’t require drawing skills, such as using a hair dryer and crayons to make an avant-garde music note or umbrella-inspired creation. With a little research and a few supplies, you could have a work of art on your fridge in no time. 

7. Gain some serious knowledge on your favorite band or genre

If you’ve been wanting to learn more about a specific genre or your favorite band, now is the time to research. You can read or watch interviews with them to learn about their inspirations or, if possible, read books about the subject to really become an expert. Then, your fandom will never be questioned again when you’re a certified genius on all things grunge or Waterparks

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8. Organize your memorabilia

If you’re someone who hoards concert tickets, find a cute and organized way to display them. The possibilities are endless, so if a scrapbook isn’t your thing, try to get creative.

9. Try a new makeup look inspired by your favorite records

There are some seriously talented people on the internet who can recreate whole album covers on their eyelids or lips, so try it out yourself. If making a recreation sounds too daunting, try to take inspiration from a record by using the same colors to create a look. 

10. Throw an epic solo dance party

When all else fails, turn up the music and let yourself go crazy. We could all use a solo dance party in these uncertain times, so be free and let it out in the comfort of your own home.


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