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Spotify users love seeing the stats the streaming service offers about their music listening habits and now you can find out how alternative they think your music taste is.

An online tool called Obscurify is analyzing how obscure your music choices are with exact percentages to prove it.

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The site breaks down your music tastes based on how popular songs are from your daily listening habits.

It also breaks things down by genres giving the top 10 you most frequently listen to and also making suggestions based on that.

The tool offers your most popular artists as well as the mood of your listening habits. The mood section is particularly interesting as they’re able to tell how happy, energetic, sad or danceable songs are among other feelings songs give off.

Once you’ve logged in and the site checks over your Spotify selections, you get an “obscurity rating” with a percentage. It also gives you a score and compares it to global numbers.

You can login to find out what Obscurify thinks of your music tastes and where you rank in comparison to other users here.

More on Spotify

In an effort to help musicians during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the streaming service is allowing fans to donate directly to their favorite artists and charities through the site.

Launching today, the Artist Fundraising Pick scheme is allowing listeners to donate via CashAppGoFundMe and PayPal. Musicians and their crews are receiving all money donated.

To join in, musicians can add an Artist Fundraising Pick badge to their Spotify profiles. The badge appears beside the existing Artist’s Pick section.

Spotify is also revealing in a new blog post why they decided to launch this.

“We felt we could uniquely help by providing the global reach of Spotify to artists who are fundraising during this challenging time,” the post reads. “To help them get the word out to fans, many of whom visit them on Spotify every day. And we’ve been really inspired by fans that want to help the artists they love and have been making direct donations.”

Artists can also choose to direct fans towards a range of charities involved in Spotify’s ongoing COVID-19 Music Relief Project that launched in March. Some of the charities involved include Help Musicians (U.K.), MusiCares (U.S.) and PRS Foundation (U.K.) among others. The company is matching donations up to a total of $10 million. You can see the full list of participating charities here.

What do you think of the new tool analyzing your Spotify listening habits? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Coraline (2009)

Coraline (2009)


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