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tiger king stars[Photos via Netflix]

Because many aspects of daily life have been put on hold due to the coronavirus, it seems like all anyone has to talk about anymore is Netflix, particularly Tiger King. But if you’ve seen it, you totally understand why. It follows Joe Exotic, the self-proclaimed king of tigers, as he has hundreds in captivity at his zoo, the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park. 

Aside from Exotic just being an enthralling character to watch, the show features a longtime feud between him and his nemesis Carole Baskin, which leads to some obscene music videos, more than a few sketchy business practices and a murder-for-hire plot. 

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It’s no wonder that the show is one of Netflix’s biggest successes, with Variety reporting that over 34 million Americans watched the show within its first 10 days of release. The viral effect the series has had on the public also influenced Netflix’s first-quarter earnings this year.

Therefore, we’re all obsessed with Tiger King for one reason or another, and we can’t get enough of it. If you’re like us, you can take this quiz to find out which character from the show you’re most like based on your taste in music. 

More on Tiger King

Since Tiger King made its debut on Netflix back in March, news continues to pour out about the series each week. Recently, Joe Exotic’s legal team began their pursuit to have his 22-year prison sentence pardoned by Donald Trump. Additionally, a TV show about Exotic starring Nicolas Cage and a Tiger King follow-up about Siegfried & Roy have been announced.

Now, Tiger King star John Reinke is sharing his thoughts on Exotic’s portrayal in the series. Also, Reinke is saying he hasn’t received any money for appearing in the viral docuseries.

Tiger King made some controversial headlines recently. Despite the coronavirus social distancing restrictions in place, Exotic’s zoo opened up to the public. Naturally, zoo guests appeared to forget what social distancing is, and hundreds of people ignored the CDC guidelines.

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Now, Reinke, one of the show’s stars, is revealing some behind-the-scenes secrets. Reinke shared in an interview that most of the cast members were accurately portrayed in the series.

“Everyone was spot on in the show, I thought,” Reinke says. “Nobody was misrepresented in any way.”

However, he does say that Exotic is actually different in real life. In fact, Reinke reveals that Exotic is even more over the top than he appears in the show. He claims Netflix decided to tone down Exotic for viewers “because he’s pretty flamboyant.”

Reinke also reveals in the interview that he hasn’t earned a dime from the show despite spending years filming interviews for it. The seven-part series follows the tumultuous life of Exotic and his tigers and was filmed over several years. Alongside Exotic and his enemy Carole Baskin, a number of Exotic’s friends and former employees were also interviewed and filmed over the course of a few years.

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Despite the time Reinke gave to the Netflix show, he says he hasn’t made any money from Tiger King. Although he hasn’t received any money, Reinke shares that other individuals on the show have been paid.

“I filmed that thing for five or six years and didn’t make biscuits out of that,” Reinke says. “Netflix made all the money on that. I have heard that some people made money on it, and that kind of irritates me a little bit.”


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