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Saves The Day frontman Chris Conley, recently took over the AltPress Instagram account and invited fans into the Electric Ladybug in Chico, California. On Monday April 6, Conley belted out some STD classics and a few obscure gems. It was the singer’s second installment of his social distancing-inspired Digital Happy Hour series.

Throughout the near-hour broadcast, Conley engages with fans in both friendly smugness (“Have you heard the Beatles? They’re pretty good”) while acknowledging their Saves The Day memories. The affable Conley dedicates songs to the Equal Vision label that launched Saves The Day, as well as your favorite rock magazine. Forget fan appreciation. Conley’s demeanor makes this feel like a hang with your best friend.

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Conley dusted off the ‘In Reverie’ b-side, “Coconut” and reflected on the first Saves The Day recording session he had with former drummer Bryan Newman. He schooled viewers on the importance of staying hydrated and his personal incense consumption (“It’s a problem”). Conley ended the broadcast with a cover of Semisonic’s classic “Closing Time” with updated lyrics to fit the current shelter in place order.

Chris Conley’s performance for the AltPress Instagram was a perfect mesh of humanity and music. These kinds of events with other artists may come off awkward or distant. But Conley pays you back in psychic equity in support of the respect you’ve shown him. If you missed Conley’s Instagram session for us when it went live, no problem. Please enjoy. You’re only missing the realtime fan comments. But you’ll certainly understand why they were made in the first place.


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