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Los Angeles’ rockers New Language first caught our attention when they were doing dates with the Used a few years ago. The band’s mix of modern rock and driven energy won over Bert McCracken and company’s fans. Today we’re premiering the video for the band’s new single, “Can’t Explain.”

While the men of New Language were doing their thing, the coronavirus pandemic came up. Lockdown measures were needed, and things slowed. Fortunately, not to a standstill. The song was written before the pandemic was acknowledged, and now it feels even more prescient.

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“Lyrically, ‘Can’t Explain’ is one’s life-long journey of coping and learning to understand that specific event that has made them who they are,” bassist Matt Cohen explains. “For better or for worse. It’s the ‘pain you can’t explain,’ because it belongs to you and no one else. We like to explore themes of general understanding and empathy. It’s not always easy to understand where the person standing next to you is coming from. We can be better at taking a step back thinking about why someone is who they are, act the way they do and believe what they choose to believe. It’s a reminder to think about your neighbor and how they’re processing all of this [in the time of] COVID-19 and life in quarantine.”

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The video was shot between April 8-11, the fourth week of quarantine for them. The members of New Language see it as a time capsule of what a once-bustling city looks like at near-ghost town status. Cohen says the footage was taken from the safety of their cars (social distancing in effect) in Silver Lake, downtown, Hollywood, Burbank, Toluca Lake and Santa Monica. The whole experience feels “bittersweet” to him.

“I don’t like seeing L.A. dormant and beaten up like this,” he says. “I also knew that Los Angelenos wouldn’t want their city being shown in such a way. The sweet part of the experience was driving around and seeing the literal signs of encouragement. Almost every music venue, restaurant, coffee shop and beyond are expressing their communal support for one another. That was awesome to see.”

Likewise, “Can’t Explain” is a pretty awesome track to hear. Tell us what you think below.


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