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Vans[Photo via Pexels]

Vans is continuing its reputation of launching apparel that everybody can feel was made exclusively for them. Now, the iconic footwear brand is releasing its Autism Awareness Collection.

The new collection features all-new sensory-inclusive elements, including a calming color-palette.

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Vans has always championed individuality. They’ve catered to each person with all sorts of collections. They have a groovy tie-dye collection for your hippy friends, their “I Heart” collection proves that love is love. Topped off with a Harry Potter collection and The Nightmare Before Christmas kicks, Vans has you covered for whatever ever fashion you want to rock. 

The Autism Awareness collection was designed specifically to cater to those with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

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Since 1966, Vans has stood as a champion of individuality and self-expression. The brand’s commitment continues with the release of sensory inclusive footwear designs as part of the Autism Awareness Collection. With this project, Vans celebrates the unique aspects of all people. Designed specifically with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in mind, the ultra-comfortable footwear collection is offered with sensory-inclusive elements including a calming color palette and design features that focus on the senses of touch, sign and sound.

The new apparel line includes a plethora of different styles and items. Shirts and shoes are available in a range of sizes from toddler to adult. The collection excludes no one. 

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The Vans collection features a range of new shoes including Old Skools, New Skools and Slip-Ons. All feature ComfyCush technology with additional overlays and foam and rubber components to maximize comfort and durability. The child and toddler sizes also include hook and loop closures for equal tightness and fit.

Vans worked with the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards to create designs that focus on the senses of sight and touch. They also feature a calming color palette. This ensures they meet a defined set of standards and are appropriate for individuals with autism and other sensory sensitivities.

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Check out the collection below.

The two adult-sized shoes in the collection are the Old Skools and the Slip-Ons that will retail for $75 and $65, respectively.

Vans[Photo via Vans]Vans[Photo via Vans]Both styles of these are also available in the kids and toddler sizes, with the Old Skools featuring the hook and loop closures in a matching blue.

The next three shoes are all available in kids and toddler sizes and all range from $45-$55.

Vans[Photo via Vans]Vans[Photo via Vans]Vans[Photo via Vans]

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The shirts in the collection are available in range of sizes as well and  have neat new technology, in addition to being extra soft and in the calming color palette. The shirts feature a care/content label affixed to the internal side seam via chain stitching. This allows the label to be cut off without leaving any portion of the tag that may cause irritation. Check them out below.

Vans[Photo via Vans]

The best part about the Vans collection is they partnered with A.skate to donate a minimum of $100,000 of the proceeds to this foundation. A.skate is an organization “that allows children with autism to be part of a social world through skateboarding, while also holding free clinics, promoting awareness, and educating families about the therapeutic benefits of the sport.”

Check out the Vans Autism Awareness Collection here.

Tell us your favorite piece of the line in the comments below!

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