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While they’re spending time isolating at home, the members of twenty one pilots have been doing plenty of interviews and Josh Dun spoke in a recent interview about how he’s handling the coronavirus pandemic as well as how he misses touring and their latest track “Level Of Concern.”

Speaking with radio station 101.2 The Edge, Dun also dives into the separation between him and Tyler Joseph while writing the latest twenty one pilots track and his thoughts on Tiger King.

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Kicking off their interview, Dun starts off by sharing his experience from isolation and what he’s been up to.

“I saw a meme the other day about all of these people who say ‘it isn’t that much different for me, it’s not that much different.’ and I laughed because I’ve kind of been saying that for a while. When we’re not on the road, I think Tyler and I are both the type of people who like to just stay at home.”

He discusses all of the people who are having a difficult time between job losses or people getting sick too, acknowledging the hardships they’re experiencing. He also shares his thoughts on how he misses playing shows for twenty one pilots’ fans.

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“I miss touring for sure. There’s some stuff on our calendar that just didn’t work out this year. That’s tough but I think other than that I try to stay busy at home. I’ve got drums here at the house that I truly play every day and I try to stay active whether it’s going for runs or riding my bike or doing some exercise stuff in the yard.”

Later in the chat, the hosts ask Dun about if he thinks Carole Baskins from Tiger King killed her husband or not. Joseph has also been asked about his thoughts on Tiger King before.

“[Laughs] Yeah I mean who didn’t watch that first of all? Documentaries are funny. I think those people are really good at their jobs where they can make you kind of believe whatever they want. With that said, she definitely did right?”

Speaking on “Level Of Concern” which the station says they’ve been calling the “coronavirus jam,” Dun shares

“Tyler is my favourite songwriter and I think that ultimately he’s great at writing happy-sounding songs and a lot of times he’ll fight that within himself and try to dirty something up a little bit. It’s fun to work with him and come up with all sorts of different feels and styles and something that feels a little bit darker and something that feels a little bit lighter. For this one, it really felt like it just needed to be a lighter feeling song and something that’s a little bit more distractable.”

You can listen to the full interview below.

What do you think of Josh Dun’s comments during his interview? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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