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modern baseball blink 182 youtube cover[Photos via Modern Baseball/Spotify, blink-182/Spotify]

If you ever wondered what it would sound like if Modern Baseball covered a blink-182 song, look no further.

On Monday, May 4, a style cover of blink-182‘s “First Date” emerged onto YouTube. Created by YouTuber NoseBlind, they have taken the classic blink-182 track and reimagined it with some Modern Baseball-influenced sounds.

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It’s been a while since we last heard any new music from Modern Baseball. Their last full-length LP Holy Ghost was released back in 2016. MoBo announced their indefinite hiatus back in February 2017. Since then, members Jake Ewald and Ian Farmer have gone on to pursue a new project called Slaughter Beach, Dog.

Now, fans can revisit some of Modern Baseball’s old sounds with this new cover from NoseBlind. Taking the “First Date” lyrics, drums and melodies, NoseBlind has infused some Modern Baseball-influenced guitars and harmonies into the cover.

Titled “If Modern Baseball wrote First Date by blink 182,” the clever cover plays to both bands’ strengths. On its surface level, listeners can immediately recognize the classic blink-182 song off of their 2001 album Take Off Your Pants and Jacket. However, the inclusion of the cover’s lead guitar riff and the mix of vocal harmonies are clearly influenced by Modern Baseball. The cover is very close to what it would probably sound like if Modern Baseball ever decided to cover blink-182.

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Take a listen to the style cover from NoseBlind below.

Music fans have been keeping busy over the past few weeks since various mandated coronavirus quarantine went into effect worldwide. Last week, another blink-182 fan shared their own creation on YouTube. Taking blink-182’s “Don’t Leave Me” and putting their own quarantine-inspired twist on it, the parody video is a relatable take on what many of us are facing in quarantine right now.

As for blink-182 themselves, the band has been keeping themselves busy recently. On May 1, the first track from Machine Gun Kelly‘s pop-punk, Tickets To My Downfall, was released. The album was produced by Travis Barker who has collaborated with MGK in the past on tracks such as “I Think I’m OKAY” featuring YUNGBLUD.

Mark Hoppus has also been keeping productive. Last month, his collaboration with the Used on their recent songThe Lighthouse” was released. The track is off of their new album Heartwork out now. Hoppus has also been doing livestream performances while in quarantine. He recently hopped onto Twitch to perform a series of +44 and played a few songs on Animal Crossing: New Horizons while his son played the popular Nintendo game.

What do you think of the Modern Baseball-influenced blink-182 cover? Let us know in the comments below!

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