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Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many tours and concerts have been canceled worldwide. Since the live music industry is at a temporary standstill, musicians are losing income due to the inability to tour. Now, the canned water company Liquid Death is looking for your help to support struggling musicians during this time.

The company announced this week that 50 percent of its sales at Whole Foods over the next few weeks will be donated to bands struggling during the pandemic.

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Founded in 2017, Liquid Death Mountain Water was created to bring healthy changes to consumers’ eating and drinking habits. In a website statement, the company says it is breaking down barriers that say only unhealthy food and beverage products can be entertaining.

“Most products in the health and wellness space are all marketed with ‘aspirational’ fitness models and airbrushed celebrities,” the statement reads. “And many of us are tired of it. Why should unhealthy products be the only brands with ‘permission’ to be loud, fun, and weird? And let’s be honest, almost all marketing and branding is just theater. So we’re going to treat our theater like a movie theater and have more fun with it.”

With their recyclable cans, Liquid Death is helping to reduce single-use plastic. As well, their products feature creative artwork typically seen on soda and energy drinks.

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“As long time creative weirdos, we feel that positive healthy change doesn’t have to be boring and artless,” the statement continues. “And if you want to have a bottled water at a concert, in a bar, at a party, in your car, or anywhere, it shouldn’t have to also mean drinking from a plastic bottle that isn’t actually recyclable and eventually ends up in the ocean.”

Now, Liquid Death is using its platform to help artists struggling during the pandemic. Many artists are currently losing money over canceled tours and refunded tickets. Halsey, Billie Eilish, Hayley Williams, YUNGBLUD and My Chemical Romance are just a few of many artists who have postponed and canceled tours due to the pandemic. As well, festivals such as Glastonbury, Bunbury, Reading and Leeds, SXSW and Mayhem have all been postponed until 2021.

As one of the most profitable aspects of the music industry, touring is a vital source of income for many. With various reports predicting that large scale live events won’t be back until the latter part of 2021, Liquid Death is donating money to bands who cannot tour during this time.

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For its #CansForBands effort, Liquid Death is donating 50 percent of its sales at Whole Foods to bands over the next few weeks.

“For the next few weeks, every time you buy Liquid Death at @WholeFoods, Liquid Death will donate 50% of the profits to struggling bands who can no longer tour because of COVID,” musician and artist Jacob Bannon shares on Instagram. “Kill a thirst, help a band. Thank you for supporting bands through their efforts.”

For those looking for new ways to support artists, Liquid Death Mountain Water is giving you a new option. So next time you find yourself at Whole Foods, head to the beverage section and support #CansForBands.

What do you think of Liquid Death’s efforts to help artists during the pandemic? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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