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Is there a musician among us who doesn’t love a horror movie? From extreme psychological terrors to classic gore and splatter, the genre is pure escapism. And it’s more influential than most people might think. Our list of songs referencing classic horror movie samples shows how prevalent this school of film actually is. We think you’ll recognize the dialog sample immediately, even if you never heard the song.

A lot of music sub-genres are all about maintaining a high level of extremity. Metal, punk, industrial and hip-hop all to some extent, embrace outrage and shock to entice (and repulse) listeners. Using a well-placed sample can heighten the excitement or bring the sonic carnage home in the most effective of ways. We didn’t play favorites on our horror movie sample video. If it sounded cool and made us break into a devilish grin, it was a win-win for everyone.

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Moreover, there are entire music communities that use “horror” as a prefix to define themselves. Indeed, there are horror-punk icons, horror-core rap legends and horror-metal outfits who strive to draw as much blood as they can from their audiences. On occasion, some artists ramp up the vibe further. We remember that one electronic band who built an entire video from banned scenes from horror movies. (Spoiler alert: They’re on our list.)

Whether you’re familiar with the bands or just the words they lifted off the movies, we think you’ll like this selection of horror movie samples. Looking back at the tracks mentioned here, this would make a sweet bloody playlist. Let us know your chosen movie-drop in a kickass track in the comments below. And another thing: Let us know if you ever heard someone use this one.


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