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tommy lee motley crue post malone Tyla Yaweh[Photos via Post Malone and Tyla Yaweh/YouTube, Tommy Lee/Instagram @tommylee]

On Friday, Post Malone and Tyla Yaweh released a music video for their latest collaboration called “Tommy Lee.” The track is named after Mötley Crüe‘s drummer.

Now, Lee himself is revealing how he got involved in the collaboration and how he feels about having a song named after him.

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Lee was recently interviewed by SiriusXM prior to “Tommy Lee” being released. During the interview, the Mötley Crüe drummer revealed a number of behind-the-scenes secrets regarding the new collab.

Lee first shared the news that he was involved in the new collaboration with Post Malone and Tyla Yaweh during the interview. Following this, he then shared that the song is actually named after him.

“I’m playing drums on this Post Malone song coming up,” he reveals. “If you can believe it, the song is called ‘Tommy Lee.’ I can’t even-for real dude?”

At first, Lee wasn’t going to be featured on the song. Lee first heard “Tommy Lee” after the vocals and backing track had been recorded. After hearing it, he went in and re-recorded the drums.

“The track is recorded and had some demo drums on it,” he says. “But I’m going to smash over those and get rid of those.”

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As for the song’s meaning, Lee explained that it is ultimately about living a rock star life. Lee himself has emulated this kind of lifestyle in the past. More specifically, during his time in Mötley Crüe which formed back in 1981.

“It’s basically [about] living that rock star life that, you know, people in hip hop always seem to talk about,” Lee says.

Now, Lee and Post Malone have collaborated in the past. Lee played drums on “Over Now,” which appears on Post Malone’s 2018 album Beerbongs & Bentleys.

“I played drums on a track on his previous album so I’ve known him for a while,” he says. “That dude is a rock star, let me tell you. He’s a freaking maniac.”

Lee also announced on social media that a remix of “Tommy Lee” will be released sometime next week.

“Look ma I made it,” he says. “And guess what? The remix is coming next week!!”

Along with playing drums on the new Post Malone and Tyla Yaweh collab, Lee is preparing to release his new album. Titled Andro, the album is due out on October 16.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Mötley Crüe’s upcoming tour with Def LeppardPoison, and Joan Jett And The Blackhearts is postponed until 2021.

Tommy Lee’s interview with SiriusXM and the “Tommy Lee” video are available to stream below.

UPDATE: JUNE 13, 1:33 P.M. EST

Tommy Lee is now clarifying his involvement in Post Malone and Tyla Yaweh’s new collab named after him. The Mötley Crüe drummer appeared on the Paltrocast With Darren Paltrowitz where he explained he’ll be on a future remix of the track and doesn’t drum on the version released June 12.

“I gotta clear this up because in another interview, I think there was some miscommunication. The song that just came out yesterday from Tyla and Post, I am not on that track. I am working on, and I will be done by I think Tuesday, I’m working on a remix of it where I put my flavors all over it and turned it into something really cool that I think everyone is going to dig, so I did not play on the original track that came out last night. I played on Post Malone’s previous album before—not this track, not the ‘Tommy Lee’ track in particular.”

You can watch the new interview and hear the original track from Posty and Tyla below.

What do you think of the “Tommy Lee” collaboration? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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