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Protest[Photo via Wikimedia Commons/Kellyjeanne9]

Patty Walters has just announced that he is officially engaged. The former YouTube star and As It Is Singer took to social media to announce the good news. 

But, in order to not draw attention away from the very important Black Lives Matter movement, Walters and his fiancé, Dottie James urged that instead of sending them congratulations, that fans donate to black-centered organizations.

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Patty Walters first grew prominent in the YouTube scene, posting pop-punk covers of everything from Green Day and My Chemical Romance to The Lion King and The Nightmare Before Christmas songs. Walters formed As It Is and decided to step away from YouTube to dedicate his energy to the band. 

Since they formed in 2012, As It Is have released three full-length records and numerous EPs. 

But now, Walters has revealed that he and James proposed to one another. In a post to their Instagrams, Walters and James showed their engagement rings and delivered heartfelt messages about one another. But, in doing so, they also urged fans to continue supporting Black Lives Matter and to donate if they could. 

my best friend asked me to marry her, and i asked her to marry me. we have our whole lives to celebrate, so let’s not look away from the world that’s in front of us. instead of or in addition to leaving any congratulations in the comments, please consider donating (if you can) to the causes in our bios. that would truly mean the world to us. ?

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Seven years ago I struck up conversation with the most interesting person in the room and we haven’t stopped talking since. Last week we punctuated the conversation by proposing to one another. We both said yes! Since we have forever to celebrate, we wanted to use this part of our journey to help, rather than detract from, what’s happening in the world now. We’d like to ask that any congratulations commented be accompanied by a small donation to the black centred organisations in our bios. It would mean the world ?✨

Congratulations to Patty Walters and Dottie James! You can find their donation links here.

To show support through donations, connect with grassroots campaigns and obtain resources for allies, please refer to the links below.

Help the family of George Floyd here.
Fight for Breonna Taylor here.
Help the family of Ahmaud Arbery here.
To sign petitions for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and more, click here.
Donate to one or more community bail funds for protesters here.
Click here for more resources for protestors, including pro-bono lawyers.
Visit Movement For Black Lives for additional ways you can help the cause.
Click here to connect with leaders building grassroots campaigns.
Here are some anti-racism resources for allies who want to learn more. For other ways to donate, please head here.


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