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Mark Hoppus has once again blessed us all with his latest Twitch session. On Tuesday, the bassist once again played blink-182 and +44 songs while his son played Super Smash Brothers.  

Earlier this week Hoppus hosted his first Animal Crossing: New Horizons live stream. He sat with his son, Jack, to play some songs while he played the popular Nintendo game.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released last month. It has already become the go-to escape for many during the coronavirus pandemic. The game includes gender-neutral customizations and plenty of other newer features that perfectly fit the 2020 gameplay. 

During that weekend session, Hoppus answered a few questions, including whether the band would ever play the Neighborhoods track “Kaleidoscope” live. 

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“We’re never playing ‘Kaleidoscope’ live. That’s not happening. I love that song though,” Hoppus said. Hoppus then busted out his acoustic guitar and started playing some iconic songs including “Online Songs,” “Heart’s All Gone,” and +44’s “Baby Come On.” 

In Tuesday night’s Twitch session, the blink-182 bassist was again joined by his son. Hoppus graced fans with more acoustic versions of his songs. This time, the setlist included “Adam’s Song,” “Aliens Exist,” and “Don’t Leave Me,” and +44’s “Little Death.”

Hoppus’ addition of +44 songs to his setlist comes as a glimmer of hope for fans who enjoyed the band’s short-lived career. Back in December, the bassist said that he would be open to a +44 reunion, though there’s nothing currently in the works.

“Maybe, I would never say never,” Hoppus said at the time, adding that he has not spoken to two of the other band members, Shane Gallagher and Craig Fairbaugh, in a long time. “I think they have moved on in their lives, and we’re in a different place.”

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During the latest Twitch session, Hoppus caught his son off guard when he asked him what his favorite blink-182 album is. 

“Uh, I don’t know,” Jack said. Five minutes later he addressed the question again. He said that his favorite blink album is the one that “[his] name is in.” 

Jack asked other users in the livestream to comment if they can tell him which album his name is in. 

At first, Hoppus didn’t immediately realize which album Jack’s name is in, before laughing. 

“I know which one it is,” Hoppus replied. 

After reading several comments in the chat, Jack replied saying that it is not the untitled album, but Neighborhoods is his favorite. 

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An eight-minute clip of the session was posted to Reddit on Wednesday. One Reddit user commented on the upvoted clip, perfectly encapsulating what we’re all thinking. 

“These live streams are a goldmine.”


Have you busted out your blink-182 and +44 CDs after watching Hoppus’ latest livestream? Let us know in the comment section!


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