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machine gun kelly misery business paramore[Photo by: Machine Gun Kelly/EST Fest – Chris Goody, Paramore/YouTube]

Machine Gun Kelly rolled out of bed just after 7 a.m. PT to join YUNGBLUD at his livestreaming event, but the rocking didn’t stop there as he brought the world a short but sweet cover of a Paramore classic.

The new clip follows MGK sharing a cover of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Californication” Sunday night amid social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic. In the first Instagram story post, he writes, “I’m gonna learn one new song every day this week. Which one tomorrow?”

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Today, we got our answer as he played through the Paramore song alongside Omer Fedi. Fedi contributed guitar work on MGK’s latest Hotel Diablo including Lil Skies collab “Burning Memories” and “I Think I’m OKAY.”

Since then, Machine Gun Kelly has teamed back up with Travis Barker to work on upcoming pop-punk LP Tickets To My Downfall. Set to release this summer, YUNGBLUD, Bert McCracken, blackbear, Young Thug and more will appear as guests.

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As he continues to show off his influences and favorites in the rock world, the Paramore and Red Hot Chili Peppers revamps are just the most recent of many. The rapper has also given his own take on Foo Fighters (“Everlong”), blink-182 (“What’s My Age Again?”), Linkin Park (“Numb”), Papa Roach (“Last Resort”) and more.

Check out the short Paramore cover below.

More on “Misery Business”

Hayley Williams recently spoke out on one of Paramore’s most popular, yet controversial song. “Misery Business” took the world by storm upon its release as the lead single for Paramore’s second LP Riot!.

However, the controversial lyrics haven’t aged well, and the band decided to stop playing it live in 2018. Now the singer commented on the song in a recent social media post.

Williams is gearing up for a massive 2020. Her solo debut Petals For Armor is set to release on May 8 and she’s just announced her first ever solo tour for this summer.

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But recently, Williams took a look back on “Misery Business.” In a post to her Instagram story, Williams thanked Spotify for including her recent single “Simmer” on their Women Of Rock playlist. But, she also made note that “Misery Business” was included on there as well. 

“SIMMER” is on this playlist. thx @spotify,” Williams says. “but so is ‘Misery Business’. i know it’s one of the band’s biggest songs but it shouldn’t be used to promote anything having to do with female empowerment or solidarity. i’m so proud of Paramore’s career, it’s not about shame. it’s about growth and progression… and though it’ll always be a fan favorite, we don’t need to include it on playlists in 2020.” 

Check out the post here.

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The Pop Disaster Tour 2002 (blink-182, Green Day)

The Pop Disaster Tour 2002 (blink-182, Green Day)


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