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kanye west black lives matter george floyd college fund[Photo via YouTube]

This week, Kanye West was seen getting involved with the ongoing protests surrounding the tragic killing of George Floyd. West joined thousands of Black Lives Matter protesters in his hometown of Chicago on June 4.

As well, West is donating $2 million to the families of Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor. According to various reports, West is also setting up a college education fund for Floyd’s daughter and is paying the legal fees for Arbery and Taylor’s families.

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Protests are continuing strong around the world over the killing of Floyd. Floyd was killed at the hands of Minneapolis police after officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on his neck for over eight minutes. According to an autopsy report, Floyd died as a result of “asphyxiation from sustained pressure” from Chauvin even as Floyd pleaded “I can’t breathe.” As of June 3, the officers involved in the wrongful killing of Floyd have been charged.

West took part in the protests happening in his hometown of Chicago this week. Many protesters shared photos and videos on social media of West protesting for justice.

In Chicago, the city’s protestors are also demanding that all Chicago Police be removed from Chicago Public Schools. A 2017 Justice Department report found that Chicago police use force almost ten times more often with black suspects than white. The city’s history of police brutality is adding fuel to the fire and Chicago citizens are demanding change.

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According to Protest Chicago, the demands to have Chicago Public Schools end their contact with the Chicago Police Department comes after schools in Minneapolis canceled their contract with their police force. Now, police will no longer be present in Minneapolis schools and universities.

Along with his involvement in the protests, West is also supporting some of the families of those who have been wrongfully killed by police. Various sources report that West will be donating $2 million dollars to the families of Floyd, Arbery and Taylor. As well, West is setting up a 529 college savings fund for Floyd’s 6-year-old daughter Gianna.

One of West’s representatives confirmed to TMZ that West has made a separate donation of a disclosed amount to cover the legal fees for Arbery and Taylor’s families. Taylor was a 26-year-old Kentucky EMT who was killed at the hands of Louisville police inside her home back in May. Arbery was wrongfully killed while jogging in Georgia back in February.

West’s rep also confirmed to TMZ that he is donating to several black-owned businesses in his hometown of Chicago. He will also be making donations nationwide to businesses that have been in crisis and impacted by the ongoing unrest in America.

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Earlier this week, West’s wife Kim Kardashian offered to pay the medical expenses for a young protestor whose eye and face are permanently damaged after being hit by a rubber bullet.

To show support through donations, connect with grassroots campaigns and obtain resources for allies, please refer to the links below.

Help the family of George Floyd here.
Fight for Breonna Taylor here.
Help the family of Ahmaud Arbery here.
To sign petitions for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and more, click here.
Donate to one or more community bail funds for protesters here.
Click here for more resources for protestors including pro-bono lawyers.
Visit Movement For Black Lives for additional ways you can help the cause.
Click here to connect with leaders building grassroots campaigns.
Here are some anti-racism resources for allies who want to learn more.
For other ways to donate, please head here.


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