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Dallon Weekes and Ryan Seaman shared a minimalistic, reimagined version of iDKHOW’s first-ever single “Modern Day Cain” for Fearless Records‘ livestream, Fearless At Home.

Rather than loud, high-energy synths, the duo opted for piano, creating a more eerie feel for this version of their 2017 track in this “Superstar Showcase.” In typical iDKHOW fashion, the video is shot in a home-movie format, transporting viewers back to VHS days.

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Weekes and Seaman are planning on sharing their debut full-length album in the near future via Fearless Records. In the meantime, they’ve been dropping “spoilers” on Twitter to give fans hints on what to expect.

After iDKHOW shared the retro “Modern Day Cain” video, Weekes answered fan questions and shared some insight into the new album and his band’s aesthetic.

Weekes shared that iDKHOW’s aesthetic comes from “a lot of stuff from when I was a kid like books on tape and vinyls and thrift stores and old TV commercials and movies. What it was like discovering art and music when I was a kid… I wanted to try to recreate that feeling.”

He also disclosed that there will be a guest vocalist on the upcoming record, but he did not name the artist in question.

AltPress had a chance to ask Weekes about the duo’s forthcoming record, see how he’s holding up at home and look back at iDKHOW’s beginnings. Check out the full interview below, the recent rendition of “Modern Day Cain” and the fan Q&A below.

You have been teasing your new full-length album for a while on the bamd’s Twitter. Can we get another album “spoiler”?

I’m unclear why that’s in quotations, as all ‘iDKHOW Album Spoilers’ are 100% official and real. That said, here is another just for you: It’s got some saxophones.

How have you been keeping your kids occupied during self-isolation? Have you taken on any homeschool teaching roles?

My wife has been spearheading the homeschooling effort, but I help where I can. I’ve been busy with home projects and supervising all of the fort-building that’s been taking place here. It’s important that my kids acquire the proper permits before any construction begins. Luckily for them, I’m crooked and can be easily bribed with snugs.

What is the most exciting part of being involved with Fearless At Home?
It’s great that we finally have an opportunity to release this alternate version of “Modern Day Cain” that I recorded months and months ago. I actually like it a lot more than the original. It feels more like me than just a leftover song I’d written for Panic. I’m glad it’s going to be out in the world. Maybe we’ll start performing it this new way when this is all over. We’ll see.
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Fearless Records is selling t-shirts and posters during the stream. All proceeds will benefit Crew Nation, a fund benefitting touring and venue crew members who are currently out of work. You can directly donate to the fund here.

Tune into the whole livestream here from 3-5 p.m. EST to see more epic performances from artists such as Grayscale, Ice Nine Kills, August Burns Red and more. Check out the playlist curated by Fearless Records to showcase all of their artists.


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