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Christofer Drew Never Shout Never[Photo by: Tom Stone]

It’s been a few years since we last heard new music from Christofer Drew. Back in 2018, the former Never Shout Never frontman announced that the band was finished and he was planning to release more solo music. It now appears that time has arrived.

Today, Drew has taken to his Instagram to share that he will be releasing a solo acoustic album this year.

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In 2015, Never Shout Never released their last full-length album Black Cat. In 2017, Drew confirmed a Never Shout Never “conceptual” album called Emerald Sun. The band released the Violett Soul EP before teasing a new track from the Emerald Sun album in the summer of 2018, but the full LP never made its way to streaming services.

Following his departure from Never Shout Never, Drew said last year that he may venture into the world of EDM music. Now, it seems as though he is going back to his acoustic sound.

Taking to Instagram today, Drew shared the news of his acoustic album from his home in Joplin, Missouri. Set to be released on May 13, the acoustic album will feature 7 brand new songs. The album’s release date is particularly special for Drew as it is his son Lion’s first birthday.

In the video, Drew also shed some light on what he has been working on over the past five years.

“I’ve been writing so many songs,” he says. “I have well over 100 songs written, I’ve just been kind of waiting to find the right time to release stuff [and] find the right way to do it.”

For this new collection of songs, the “Trouble” singer expressed that he has gone back to “his roots” and that these songs have been a work in progress over the past few years.

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“I’ve been working on these songs which are all originals [and] very heartfelt,” he says. “They’ve been in incubation for a long time. I feel like they have come a long way lyrically and I’m really excited to share it with you guys.”

Although it’s been a long time since we last heard new material from Drew, he shared that this acoustic album is just the beginning of his solo career. While he didn’t go into too much detail, Drew did confirm that this acoustic album is just one of “several projects” he will be releasing under his solo project.

In the video, Drew does not confirm the title of the album. However, the post’s caption includes the phrase “Unborn Spark” which could be alluding to the album’s title or a new song.

The full announcement video from Christofer Drew can be watched below.

Drew’s debut solo EP The Modern Racket was released back in 2011. The three-song EP featured the tracks the songs “Mister Funny Man,” “Livin’ The Dream” and “This Modern Racket.” Along with this, Never Shout Never’s second full-length album Harmony will turn 10 this upcoming August.

Are you excited about Christofer Drew’s return to music? Let us know in the comments below!

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OutKast, Issue #153, April 2001

OutKast, Issue #153, April 2001


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