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Ticketmaster made the call, and has reportedly decided to start offering refunds for postponed shows. Following weeks of public shaming and outcry, the ticket-buying platform seems to be following in AEG‘s footsteps and attempting to offer refund opportunities once shows are rescheduled. 

Last week, AEG made headlines for allowing a 30-day window once shows are rescheduled for fans to be able to request a refund. 

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In wake of the coronavirus pandemic, many people are struggling financially from the colossal number of layoffs. A lot of people have been looking to get refunds for concert tickets for shows that likely aren’t happening

Previously, Ticketmaster outlined their refund policy stating that refunds were only available for canceled shows, not postponed ones. With the state of the music and sporting industries, no one knows how long events will be postponed, or if they’ll even happen at all. 

With Ticketmaster and other sellers like StubHub refusing refunds for these shows in limbo, people are very upset. One man was so floored with the policy that he’s currently suing StubHub for $5 million

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Massive public backlash, and even congressional investigations, have been launched at these ticket buying sites for their alleged fraud and bad business practices. 

Recently, Ticketmaster outlined and explained their updated refund policy. The page says that refunds for rescheduled or postponed events will only happen if the organizer explicitly sets it up.

In a scenario where they don’t, Ticketmaster encouraged people to test their luck at reselling through their own resale market. You can read their full policy here.

Ticketmaster essentially will not be here to help you in two scenarios. One, if you can’t resell your ticket. Two if you can’t make a new date for any shows you have tickets for.

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Next, on April 17, Ticketmaster issued a lengthy statement about their refund intentions. The most important bit saying, “Let me reiterate: neither our clients, nor Ticketmaster, intend to withhold refunds on postponed shows. In fact, as of today, both Live Nation Entertainment and AEG Live, two of our largest event organizers, have announced they will begin to provide refunds, on a rolling basis, for all events impacted by COVID-19.” The full statement can be read in the tweet below.


Now, according to Billboard, Ticketmaster is attempting to lessen the public’s hatred with a full refund plan. 

Ticketmaster will reportedly be offering a limited 30-day window to receive a refund. Similar to the AEG change that AltPress reported last week, it’s only available once the show is rescheduled. 

For example, if a postponed show is rescheduled on May 1, customers have until May 31 to get their refund from Ticketmaster. If your show isn’t rescheduled until July 1, then you have until July 31 to get your refund.

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Ticketmaster will be emailing customers when (and if) their shows are rescheduled and allegedly present three options. 

The first is the cash refund request. The second is to receive a 150% credit for the value of the tickets. The third is to donate their ticket to charity. The technical fourth option is to hang on to the ticket which will still be valid for the new date. 

“For canceled shows, refunds will be automatically processed within 30 days, unless fans voluntarily opt into other programs,” a statement reads. “Live Nation venues will offer fans an option to receive a 150% credit for the value of their tickets to be used for a future Live Nation show. Fans will also be able to donate the proceeds of their refund to a charity to give concert tickets to health care workers, with Live Nation matching ticket donations.”

It is to be noted that Ticketmaster is working with promoters and clients to offer this limited refund window. But, it’s being reported that ultimately, it’s up to the client. Ticketmaster will encourage venues to offer refunds for a limited window as best they can.

According to Digital Music News, the details were finalized over the weekend but neither Live Nation nor Ticketmaster has issued an official statement on the matter.

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Ticketmaster plans on addressing shows that occur in August or afterward at a later date. 

“It just takes time to work through the math and work with the calendar. When you move a Friday show to a Monday night, you don’t know what is going to happen with the fans,” a source at Live Nation told Billboard. “We had to move slow to get it right and we hoped by May we would have some clarity on dates and agreed terms.”

So, watch your email inboxes and if your show is rescheduled, do what you need to do. 

Tell us what you think about Ticketmaster’s new policy in the comments below. 

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