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Protest[Photo by Fibonacci Blue/Flickr]

Since the tragic death of George Floyd, a large number of protests have occurred not just across the United States, but other parts of the world as well. While thousands continue to protest, others are sharing how and where you can donate to support Black Lives Matter.

For those unable to join the protests, however, artists are offering an alternative. Over the past few days, artists including Nothing, Nowhere., FEVER 333, Set It Off‘s Maxx Danziger, Emo Nite and more are raising money for Black Lives Matter through livestreams. YouTuber Zoe Amira is also making it possible to donate to Black Lives Matter by simply streaming a video.

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HalseyMachine Gun KellyYUNGBLUDSebastian Danzig and Emerson Barrett of Palaye RoyaleVic MensaMod Sun and FEVER 333‘s Jason Aalon Butler are just a few of the artists who have taken to the streets in solidarity of Black Lives Matter. 5 Seconds of Summer‘s Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin, The Driver Era‘s Ross Lynch and Ariana Grande were also seen protesting over the weekend.

For those unable to join the protests, however, livestreams are another way individuals are showing their support. Over the past week, Nothing, Nowhere.’s Twitch livestream raised over $700 for the NAACP’s legal defense fund. Nothing, Nowhere. matched the amount of money raised by fans.

“Thanks to those who donated during the last Twitch stream,” Nothing, Nowhere. shares. “$709.22 raised. [I] decided to match it and sent it out to the NAACP legal defense fund.”

Originally, Nothing, Nowhere. was going to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Foundation. However, after receiving over $20 million, the organization is encouraging donations to be made elsewhere.

Along with Nothing, Nowhere., Set It Off’s Maxx Danziger’s charity stream helped to raise almost $1000 for Black Lives Matter.

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“Did a charity stream for BLM and was able to raise almost $1000,” Danziger tweets. “I am so proud of the project x community for their compassion and support for change.”

Emo Nite also held a stream over the weekend and raised over $10,000 for the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

“Last nite you guys came together and raised over $10,000 for @mnfreedomfund on our stream,” Emo Nite tweets. “The fight is just beginning and we are so proud of our community for stepping up and doing what is right. Whether you donated $1 or $2000, your support speaks volumes. #BlackLivesMatter”

On June 3, FEVER 333 will be holding a full livestream performance. All of the proceeds from the livestream will benefit Minnesota Freedom Fund and Black Lives Matter. The event starts at 6 p.m. EST/3 p.m. PST on their official website.

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“This is a concentrated effort to encourage people to go beyond awareness and take action,” FEVER 333 frontman Jason Aalon Butler explains. “With localized efforts in the name of justice for a specifically targeted group of people in this country, this will serve as an artistic activation as well as a platform to activate necessary measures for social and racial reformation. FEVER 333 has dedicated its entire platform to that change from its inception with its music, activism, even its own charity fund that sees a percentage of proceeds funneled from all profits the project receives.”

As well, YouTuber Zoe Amira is making it possible for individuals to donate to Black Lives Matter without having to use their own money. On May 30, Amira shared a YouTube video that features music, art, spoken word poetry and more from black artists.

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By streaming the video, all of the ad revenue that is generated is being donated to associations that offer bail funds for protestors, help pay for funerals, advocate for Black Lives Matter and more. A few of the organizations that are receiving these funds are the Brooklyn Bail Fund, Chicago Bond, ACLU, The Bail Project and Columbus Freedom Fund.

This is an alternative resource for those who are unable to donate or cannot be out on the frontlines of the protests. Included in the video are black creators such as Nick Daly, Nyota Parker, Cedric St Louis, Tiger Goods and more.

The “Views For A Vision” video is available to stream below.

For other ways to donate, please head here. For anti-racism resources, head here. A detailed list of resources and links is below.

To sign petitions for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and more. 

To donate to victims, protesters, black-owned businesses and more. 

For anti-racism sites, Black Lives Matter, Mental Health and other educational resources.

A massive resource link containing information for protesters regarding laws, lawyers, dangers of protesting, medical guides on dealing with tear gas, first aid and digital security. 

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