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Who doesn’t love television? When you were a toddler, it was an electronic babysitter. In your teen days, it brought you closer to the potential life that was going on outside your parents’ home. And as you got older, it’s been that old friend that doesn’t judge you the way a boss, an ex or a duplicitous friend has. (Just add copious amounts of snacks and drinks.) But even sometimes, even the best TV shows can cross a line. Welcome to the new APTV video.

Our list of TV shows that crossed the line features a wide swath of offensiveness. We’ve got your basic insensitivity to great American tragedy and decorated war veterans. Flag desecration and body-shaming also rate.  Sadism, incest and focused blasphemy. Barely legal teens engaging in decidedly dangerous behavior? Check. (Although some peeps of a certain age might consider that an entitlement issue.) Clearly, all this stuff got on some kind of national television network.

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The point behind this video is simply to live and learn. A lot of the characters and situations depicted here are not people and places you’d want to be associated with in real life. The best thing we could take away from these pop culture moments is to open some kind of dialog. One that explains in no uncertain terms why some scripted tales aren’t funny, cool or sensitive at other people’s expense.

How many of these video indiscretions do you remember? If we were political analysts, we might stroke our chins and say something like “the optics don’t look good,” regarding these TV shows that crossed the line. But after seeing all these in a row, maybe there should be an entire network dedicated to such faux pas. We have the perfect name for it: WTF TV.


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