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We Are The In Crowd just dropped two special B-sides that they think deserved to see the light of day. Both songs came on some physical copies of their 2014 record Weird Kids. So, there’s a good chance some people didn’t even know they existed. 

Now, the tracks “Perfect Reason” and “Waiting” are on streaming for the very first time. 

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To catch you up, WATIC played their final show in April 2015 at Lebanon Valley College’s ValleyFest, according to Prior to disbanding, WATIC finished up a third album—a follow-up to 2014’s Weird Kids—in May 2015. However, in February 2016, frontwoman Tay Jardine shared she was embarking on a “new journey.”

Soon after, the band shared they felt that the new record does not accurately represent the essence fans have come to know and love. Then, rather than disappoint fans and “force” the new music to be something it isn’t, the members decided to move forward without the We Are The In Crowd label.

In September 2016, WATIC members Jardine, Cameron Hurley and Mike Ferri revealed they formed the new outfit Sainte. The band have remained quite active over the past few years, even releasing their latest EP, bad summer, in October. 

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They announced they were back that very same month with a fun wild-west image. It was revealed they would be playing at the UK’s Slam Dunk Festival in 2020. Unfortunately, Slam Dunk was delayed once and then pushed back until 2021

Now, We Are The In Crowd dropped two B-sides today (May 22) for our listening pleasure. 

We just put 2 songs up that we figure a lot of you never knew existed, they were exclusive to physical copies at one US retailer and we all know what happened to CDs… anyway check them out, at least one of them prob should have been on Weird Kids.

You can stream “Perfect Reason” and “Waiting” below.

One fan made We Are The in Crowd reveal their true intentions in a funny interaction on Twitter.

Did you own a physical copy of We Are The In Crowd’s Weird Kids? Tell us what you think of these B-sides in the comments below!

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The Pop Disaster Tour 2002 (blink-182, Green Day)

The Pop Disaster Tour 2002 (blink-182, Green Day)


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