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Motionless In White/Caleb Shomo[Photo by: Motionless In White/YouTube, Caleb Shomo]

Motionless In White are keeping us quite busy during the coronavirus lockdown. Just over a week ago, MIW threw it back with some hilarious pictures from their first photo shoot. 

Now, Motionless In White have shared a special version of their song “Another Life,” remixed by Beartooth‘s own Caleb Shomo

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With the massive cancellation of tours and festivals, musicians are being impacted hard during the lockdown. One way for them to still create great content is through live streams, which a number of artists have done

Others have coordinated with separate musicians to remix, rework or collab for covers or previously released songs. Machine Gun Kelly and YUNGBLUD collaborated remotely for a slick Oasis cover. Waterparks have had other producers remix plenty of their songs recently, as has Halsey

Motionless In White have elected to do that as well and dropped a sweet remix of their track “Another Life.” 

“Another Life” comes from their 2019 album Disguise and immediately received positive reviews from fans. 

Now, why not let another artist in the scene take a whack at it? Caleb Shomo of Beartooth is no stranger to collaborations. In fact, just within the past three months, he’s dropped tracks on Silverstein and the Used‘s new albums. 

Now, Motionless In White have released Shomo’s remix of their hit track. Check it out in the player below. 


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Motionless In White announced the postponement of their Black And Blue tour last month due to coronavirus. Then, late on on April 30, the band officially canceled the tour with Knocked Loose. They seem to have officially called the tour cancelled so that fans can have an easier time getting refunds through the various ticket buying platforms. Alkaline Trio and Bad Religion recently did the same thing.

After processing the information our band and team have been receiving regarding the uncertain future of live events in the near future, as well as factoring in refund policies from various ticketing companies, we have decided to mark the Black & Blue Tour as “cancelled” for the time being.

We fully plan to rebook the tour as early as we can once we start to see live events returning around the world. Though this is a tough decision, considering it “cancelled” now allows you to collect refunds and that is what we feel is the best course of action.

We hope that everyone is staying healthy and sane right now. We are looking forward to finally getting back on the road to see you.

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Tell us what you think of Caleb Shomo’s remix of Motionless In White’s “Another Life” in the comments below!

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Alkaline Trio, 2000


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