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green day alternative press cover 381[Photo by: Jonathan Weiner]

Green Day didn’t invent punk rock, but they did the most for it. Over the course of 13 studio albums, three live releases, a handful of compilations (and a few incognito things on the side), the NorCal trio made punk a household term. By virtue of their sound, influence, longevity and straight-up attitude, Green Day have certainly achieved GOAT status.

AltPress acknowledges that succinctly. That’s why we’ve created this special Collector’s Edition dedicated to punk’s greatest band. We compiled all of our existing Green Day coverage—from news items to cover stories—and had new interviews with the band members about their early days, as well as the 2020 party-rock masterpiece that is Father Of All Motherfuckers.

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Most of these stories have been out of print and unavailable for years. Highlights include seeing the band in their Warning era, navigating fame but never losing their sense of compassion or punk-rock fire. AltPress called shotgun on first cover story dibs for American Idiot, completely unaware of how massive that album would become. We got the first glimpse at what would become 21st Century Breakdown, AP’s most anticipated album of 2009. In 2012, the band discussed their prolific three-album trilogy, as well as some sordid history that influenced it.

Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool were up for participating in this issue. They spoke at length about their early days in the NorCal punk scene and aligning with Lookout! Records. A great amount of reflection was had discussing the impact of Dookie and how they were never going to achieve similar heights with the follow-up, 1995’s Insomniac. They addressed Revolution Radio‘s resonance at a time of great political upheaval in the country.

Green Day were so down to talk about what they’ve been through and where they are going next. They may have been there and done that. But their demeanor and punk-rock poise is so refreshing in a world where a lot of musicians can’t say too much without a guitar in their hands. If you’re looking for comic relief, Tre Cool’s memories of annoying members of Radiohead in a posh hotel never fails to bring the laughs.

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The photographs we’ve added are, in a phrase, cool AF. We’ve documented Green Day’s journey rigorously. From those scrappy years at 924 Gilman St. to posh L.A. hotel rooms, Green Day have always looked like a band constantly in motion. A glance at the photos alone is more than enough proof to reveal how inspired and determined they remain. Jonathan Weiner’s brilliant new session with the band is certainly one of the finer moments to mark AltPress’ 35th anniversary. Whether you prefer Green Day living large (and defying gravity) or cuddled up in bed, you will not be disappointed by these new photos. 

Green Day’s notoriety has inspired several generations of sonic punk progeny. You were always reminded of that every time you walked into a dirty club in a sketchy part of town or walked through the gates of Warped Tour. (We know that more than anybody.) We’re proud to put together this 80-page valentine (no cigarettes included, though) to mark the trio’s three-plus decades in the punk trenches.

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There are hardly any rock stars left anymore, let alone punk-rock ones. Outspoken but never broken, the members of Green Day are both fabulous and magnanimous. They aren’t afraid to serve the tea to politicians, preacher men or part-time punks. You know why? Because they can. And AltPress has their definitive history, told just as it happened, by the ones who were there.

Order your copy of AP 381, the Green Day special fan issue here or below. The world is in a state of disarray, but we know there’s a riot inside of every one of you. Celebrate your punk-rock freedom as you rip it up on retribution. These guys will be the first to tell you the revolution needs its heroes. So why stay at home?


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