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These days, there’s no reason for anybody not to use Face Time. So we’re gonna call everybody! Today Altpress content director Paige Owens launches our new APTV series, AP Phoner. Her first guest is Grayscale bassist Nick Ventimiglia. Boy, talk about solid dudes. Ventimiglia was self-quarantining in his home in Detroit, far away from his band buds in Philadelphia. When Owens asks how he’s holding up, he’s remarkably comfortable.

Ventimiglia discusses with Owens everything Grayscale have been doing over the weeks. There’s plenty of fan engagement, something very important to him. “We want to stay connected to our fans,” he says. “Touring is how we do it. Without a tour there, you have to find another way.” Speaking on everything from merch designs to sports obsessions, his outlook is both bright and genuinely productive. (You can tell he cares. Come on, some of us haven’t looked that put together in weeks…)

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Grayscale fans should be reminded their favorite band are still active despite the miles apart. Ventimiglia openly discusses the creative process (and attitude) happening for the follow-up to 2019’s Nella Vita. Like the rest of us, he too is worried about a year-and-a-half without live music. He tells Owens about his hopes touring with Mayday Parade, as well as the future of the 2020 Sad Summer tour.

We hope you enjoy this AP Phoner. Well actually, you should. Ventimiglia signs off with some of the most concise advice we’ve heard in a long while. It’s not just some Hallmark card platitudes, either. Listening to the Grayscale bassist take stock of the situation is the kind of clarity we can use right now. It’s a universal suggestion that transcends everything. And it’s the perfect content to launch a new format video. Thank you, Nick. Check it out.



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