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wendy’s national roast day[Photo via The Wendy’s Company]

Wendy’has been helping people out during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic by giving away free food but today they’re revealing a new way they are going to help people out when they get ghosted by someone.

As people are staying at home during the pandemic, use of online dating apps has increased and along with that comes the issue of ghosting, but Wendy’s has your back if or when that happens.

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At the tail end of March, Wendy’s started offering free Frosty’s and a plethora of other items on their mobile app. According to their roast-filled Twitter account, they’re giving away a free Jr. Frosty in chocolate or vanilla with each drive-thru order. No end date has been provided for the offer either.

Now, they’re offering a free Dave’s Single for anyone being ghosted during the pandemic, or rather, anyone with the app.

The company dropped a tweet earlier today (April 10) letting people know they’re here to help.

“Getting ghosted stinks, but right now you feel it even more. If you’ve been ghosted, tell us and we’ll call Casper out; maybe even reignite a spark. Single in isolation? We got you with a free Dave’s Single to keep you company. #DavesSinglesforSingles”

You can see their post below.

You can also learn more about their online deals here. They’ve been having some fun replying to people in the comments section of the tweet which you can see below.

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What do you think of Wendy’s latest initiative to help people out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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