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My Chemical Romance and the Used had one of the most epic crossovers of all-time in the mid-2000s. Bert McCracken and Gerard Way gave their own take on the Queen and David Bowie classic “Under Pressure” to raise money for tsunami relief, iconically performing it on MTV2 in 2004.

Securing its rightful place in the emo history books, the collab was later included as an In Love And Death bonus track. However, this wasn’t the first time the duo teamed up as McCracken hit the studio for an assist on MCR’s “You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us In Prison.”

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Unlike “Under Pressure” where the singers trade lines throughout the track, this Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge song adds McCracken in as a backing vocalist. The Used frontman chimes in at around the one-minute mark, singing, “They make me do push-ups in drag” with his iconic laugh. He continues to back Way as they both sing, “Am I losing myself? Well, I miss my mom! Will they give me the chair? Or lethal injection, or swing from a rope, if you dare?”

McCracken has joined MCR onstage to perform the track including at a KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas in December 2004.

Now, if you ever had a hard time deciphering that maniacal laughter, one fan has shared an isolated vocal from the track. Check it out below.

More on My Chemical Romance and the Used

My Chemical Romance sold out an entire U.S tour in under six hours, and fans have been anticipating just who will join the iconic run as support.

With MCR back in action for their first U.S. tour in nine years, emos around the world have been hoping for an onstage reunion between the two acts as epic as Taste Of Chaos 2005. If McCracken’s continued teasing is any indication, it might just be true.

The Used are preparing for the release of their collab-packed Heartwork, which drops April 24 on John Feldmann’s Big Noise. Ahead of the release, they hit the road for an intimate club tour.

At the Colorado stop, the Used vocalist teased the potential touring package, telling the excited audience, “I feel like I’m in My Chemical Romance. You can probably catch us on tour with My Chemical Romance in the fall. We’ll see.” A fan at the Chicago gig a few days later stated the vocalist “hinted VERY heavily” on the same topic.

A few days later, an interview ahead of that Chicago show surfaced, capturing McCracken teasing yet again.

“When we first met My Chemical Romance, they were my favorite band. I brought them out all over the world. There’s a reason why they blew up and they’re one of the biggest bands of all time. They’re amazing. Been talking to Gerard and it wouldn’t surprise anyone to see The Used on that tour,” McCracken says before jokingly chiming in with, “I’m not saying… I’m joking. Come on, you know me, I’m a kidder.”

At the end of February, the Used pulled out of all of their U.K. and Europe gigs, including Slam Dunk, citing an opportunity they “couldn’t turn down.” While not confirmed, the news sent fans into a frenzy as they further speculated they’d be joining the MCR tour.

The Used frontman also chatted with AltPress about all things Heartwork, and the mumblings of those MCR rumors, which you can watch below.

What’s your favorite the Used and My Chemical Romance moment? Let us know in the comments below.

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