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[Photo via Wikimedia Commons]

Former Misfits drummer Joey Image has reportedly died. Image (real name: Joseph Poole) had only played with the band for a little more than a year beginning in November 1978. He replaced original drummer Manny Martinez. After accompanying the band on a tour of the UK with the Damned in 1979, he left. Image was later replaced by Arthur Googy.

Joey Image appears with Glenn Danzig, Jerry Only and Bobby Steele on such iconic Misfits singles as “Horror Business” (along with “Teenagers From Mars” and “Children In Heat”),  and “Night Of The Living Dead” (along with “Where Eagles Dare” and “Rat Fink”). These records go far to cement the legendary status of the band, as well as crucial NYC punk history. Joey Image also appears on selected tracks from the famed horror-punk outfit’s legendary release, Beware The Misfits, and the 1985 compilation, Legacy Of Brutality.

Image was active in a number of bands at the turn of the century. In the early 2000s, he played in the Undead, the band started by former Misfits guitarist Steele. Prior to his illness, Image played in various outfits including Human Buffet, the Psycho Daisies, the Mary Tyler Whores, the Bellringers, Evil Doers, and the Strap Ons. Image teamed up with Cleopatra Records to issue a CD compilation of these various bands titled Hellbent For Horror Business back in 2005. He had also started a new band, the Joey Image Trio.

In 2016, Joey Image was diagnosed with liver cancer and had set up a GoFundMe account  to help him with medical expenses. The drummer was living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and travelling to Miami to seek various treatments. He was 63.


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