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every time i die, curlin for a cure tid the season

Every Time I Die are preparing to drop their latest album this year and while they’ve been teasing music from the album for quite a while now, guitarist Jordan Buckley is also keeping himself busy with his artwork.

Buckley is sharing a photo of an intricate illustration he’s made that will be a part of a new coloring book project people will be able to download from home.

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Buckley has been known to draw incredible illustrations which often get put on drum heads at their shows for sale at the merch table.

Now, he’s putting those skills to even better use while everyone is staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a post made earlier today (April 10), he’s sharing a photo of his contribution to a coloring book project which he can’t reveal full details for at the moment.

Update: April 10 9:08 p.m. ET

While we had our suspicions that Buckley’s illustration would be a part of Gerard Way‘s coloring book project with Youth Code‘s Sara Taylor, new artists are being confirmed as their pages are being released.

Buckley not-so-secretly hinted that this illustration will be part of that project. Keep your eyes peeled for an official download that may or may not be from Buckley on April 23. You can also learn more about the project here.

Beyond the new coloring book illustration, Buckley is revealing some new info about Every Time I Die’s new music.

He remarks the album is heavier than anything they’ve released before but mentions a song which breaks the formula.

“Although i believe the new @everytimeidie is our heaviest, there is one song that’s separately made me, Steve’s wife, and my mom cry upon first listen. And my twitterless friend Aaron said he would’ve cried if he was alone and high so that counts as half,” the post reads.

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Earlier this week, the band gifted fans with a snippet of a new track.

Back in December, the band debuted a new song live at their annual ‘Tid The Season holiday shows.

Then, they announced they would be entering the studio in 2020 to put together their ninth full-length album.

Joining them in the studio is producer and Fit For An Autopsy guitarist Will Putney who also produced their 2016 album Low Teens. This will be ETID’s first record in four years.

In February, Every Time I Die played another new track live and then vocalist  Keith Buckley shared the news he was done tracking vocals for the record.

There’s still no official release date for the record but it is expected to arrive this year.

What do you think of Jordan Buckley’s coloring book page? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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