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the used the bird and the worm lies for the liars[Photo via YouTube]

Saying the Used’s follow-up to scene staple In Love And Death was highly anticipated is an understatement. The band delivered with Lies For The Liars in 2007, continuing to produce octane-fueled tracks steeped in adrenaline with standouts “The Ripper,” “Pretty Handsome Awkward,” “The Bird And The Worm” and “Liar Liar (Burn In Hell).”

Even 13 years after its release, the band’s third album more than holds up. First single “The Bird And The Worm” can be heard at Emo Nights across the country, and chances are you’re still spinning it in your own playlists.

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As the album turns 13, see if you can still remember all of the words to the single that ushered in the Lies For The Liars era.

More on the Used

The Used might be celebrating 13 years of Lies For The Liars, but the band also just recently dropped their eighth album, Heartwork. The collab-packed released arrived April 24 via longtime producer John Feldmann’s Big Noise.

The band kicked things off in late 2019 with their first music in two years by releasing the teeth-gnashing “Blow Me” with FEVER 333’s Jason Aalon Butler.

After teasing the possibility of joining My Chemical Romance’s long-awaited reunion tour, the Used shared their next single “Paradise Lost, a poem by John Milton.” With it, they detailed Heartwork where along with Butler, the band also recruited Beartooth’s Caleb Shomo (“The Lottery”) and blink-182’s Mark Hoppus (“The Lighthouse”) and Travis Barker (“Obvious Blasé”).

Bert McCracken described Heartwork as summing up the “colors and sounds and the approach” of their first three records, self-titled, In Love And Death and Lies For The Liars. Touching on the world currently yearning for the nostalgic sounds of the 2000s, McCracken also explains why they resurrected the “heart noose” that first appeared with In Love And Death.

“The ‘heart noose’ just became synonymous with the Used,” the frontman tells AltPress. “You can see that symbol, and it’s like our Misfits skull. We really love the imagery. We really love the symbology behind it. After 20 years, we’re quite proud of it. We thought it would be amazing and fun to feature the heart noose again.”

Most recently, the Used paid tribute to frontline workers by featuring them in a heartwarming video for “The Lighthouse,” which also has a cameo from collaborator Hoppus. You can watch it here.


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