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Krispy Kreme[Photo via Pexels]

The coronavirus pandemic has altered a lot of milestone events for individuals around the world. For many graduates, their highly-anticipated graduation ceremonies have been postponed or canceled due to the social distancing restrictions in place. Although the cancelation of these events has been disappointing for many, Krispy Kreme is attempting to bring some joy to new graduates.

On Tuesday, Krispy Kreme is giving a dozen free donuts to graduating high school and college seniors.

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It’s around this time that many high school and college seniors are getting ready to throw their decorated caps into the air. However, with schools nationwide still closed, these commencement events are unable to take place.

Although there is no true replacement for missing your graduation, Krispy Kreme is trying to make light of these difficult times with “Senior Week.” For May 19 only, Krispy Kreme is handing out free “Graduate Dozen” boxes to high school or college seniors who visit any Krispy Kreme location. To receive the “Graduate Dozen,” seniors have to dress in their graduation caps and gowns or “Class of 2020” shirts or gear.

The “Graduate Dozen” box spells out 2020 in three rows and it comes with chocolate-iced kreme-filled, strawberry-iced kreme-filled, cake batter-filled and yellow-iced original glazed donuts.

For Krispy Kreme’s chief marketing officer Dave Skena, he wants to make sure that this year’s graduates are able to celebrate their achievements in some way.

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“We feel for all of the high school and college seniors,” Skena says. “We wish they had that moment of walking across the stage and getting their diploma. We can’t replace that … but we thought we could help them safely have a little fun and enjoy a special ‘Graduate Dozen’ on us.”

The news about the free dozen donuts spread quickly. Many took to social media on Tuesday to share the long lines they are waiting in across the country. At this time, some graduates are still waiting in line to get their free dozen.

“He said since I can’t walk the stage I’m walking the Krispy Kreme drive thru,” @Abeskeez tweets.

“Krispy Kreme is handing out 2020 donuts to all graduates,” @BBargerKAKE tweets. “The line is long, but the wait is worth it! All them are greeted with a congratulations and a box of donuts.”

“Line for free graduate @krispykreme donuts,” @Squareee_ tweets. “People acting like its a sneaker drop.”

Due to the high demand, many of Krispy Kreme’s locations are running out of the “Graduate Dozen” and are instead supplying customers with a free dozen of their signature glazed donuts.

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“When shop is temp. sold out of the grad dozen and making more, we still give a free dozen,” Krispy Kreme tweets. “We understand this may not have been 100% what you may have anticipated, but this is to serve & celebrate as many grads as popular with free [donuts]. Hope you understand & thanks for the support!”

Some locations, however, have completely run out of donuts for customers.

“Went to go get my free dozen at Krispy Kreme for graduating this year and they ran out,” @aixaflores_ tweets. “Waited for like 45 minutes for nothing.”

“I spent 3 hours @Krispykreme to get my free 2020 graduation donuts JUST FOR THEM TO RUN OUT and tell me to come back later,” @gaaabbygabbs tweets.

Despite some of the problems Krispy Kreme is dealing with, many have shown their support for the company’s “Graduate Dozen” including KISSGene Simmons. The musician took to Twitter to share his thoughts about the announcement.

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“Outstanding,” Simmons tweets. “We need things like this to put a smile on our faces. Good job, Krispy Kreme…..Krispy Kreme is giving free donuts to graduating seniors dressed in their cap and gowns – CNN.”

For those that are unable to make it to a Krispy Kreme location on May 19, the “Graduate Dozen” is available to purchase from May 18 – May 24. Customers can go online to make their purchase and pick up the donuts through Krisky Kreme’s drive-thru.

Did you get your free “Graduate Dozen” today? Let us know in the comments below.

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