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a day to remember[Photo by Jimmy Fontaine]

A Day To Remember appear to be teasing something. Whether that’s the release date of their previously postponed album, a new single or something else entirely, we’re jumping at the bit to find out what it is. 

A Day To Remember recently took to social media to share an image of two eyes peering at us through the rain. Exactly what the significance is, we have no idea.

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A Day To Remember announced their upcoming album You’re Welcome back in August, around the time they revealed their first song in three years “Degenerates.” 

The release date was set for Nov. 15 but was delayed a week before on Nov. 8.

A couple months back we announced we’d be releasing our album Nov 15th. It’s taken a little longer than expected and we just aren’t done with it yet. So we are moving this to early 2020. Rest assured there’s a lot of new music coming out very soon and we can’t wait to share it with you. Thanks for supporting us all these years and see you out there on The Degenerates Tour!

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A couple of weeks later, guitarist Kevin Skaff stated the reasoning for the album delay, saying they want every aspect of the LP to be just right. 

“It got pushed back because the art for the record isn’t done yet,” Skaff says. “We still can’t find a good cover for the record. I know it doesn’t really matter nowadays, with streaming and everything, but we just want everything to be perfect before it comes out.”

“And there are still a couple of songs that are still getting mixed that we just need to find the right mixer. It’s only getting pushed back -what?- two, two and a half months, so it’s not too bad. It’s not like a Kanye [West] thing where it’s never gonna come out.”

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That was five months ago and we still have no idea what is going on with A Day To Remember’s first album in nearly four years. 

Well now, it seems they may have a trick up their sleeve. Late on April 8, the band shared a cryptic social media post. It’s a pair of eyes looking through the rain directly at the viewer. Typically eyes symbolize to watch out for something so we hope this means big news is arriving soon. Check out the post below. 


So, watch out for A Day To Remember-related news in the next few days. We know how much bands love dropping songs on Fridays, which just so happens to be tomorrow. Stay tuned. 

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