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Post Malone 2, movie, cash truck[Photo by: Adam Degross]

Post Malone‘s song “Circles” has become a smash hit since its release but a songwriter is claiming he was screwed over for royalties and credit on the song.

According to TMZ, Tyler Armes co-wrote and co-produced the track and is filing a lawsuit for his share of royalties on the song.

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The track has amassed over 200 million views on YouTube since its release in September.

You can check out the song below.

Armes is suing Post Malone and producer Frank Dukes for credit on the track and for shares of earnings on past and future streams and sales.

In the new lawsuit, Post reportedly says Armes was at the first recording session but didn’t write any of the music or lyrics.

Further, the rapper is claiming he wasn’t at future sessions for the song.

According to Armes, they linked up in August 2018 at the encouragement of Post’s manager. He’s claiming he co-wrote the chords and the bass line for the song as well as having input on other portions, such as the guitar melody.

He says he’s been negotiating with Post Malone’s team on royalties. According to the report, they offered him five percent of publishing royalties with no credit. Armes says he pushed back for a bigger cut and a co-writing credit and was denied.

The song got an official release after being performed live ahead of the release of Hollywood’s Bleeding.

The track spent multiple months at the top of Billboard’s Pop Songs chart.

The song is the first by a solo male and no accompanying acts to have logged as many as 10 weeks.

The track credits Frank Dukes but does not have Tyler Armes cited as a contributor at the moment. The song has been certified Platinum many times over in multiple countries with millions of plays racking up.

According to an update from TMZ, Post Malone is now suing Armes himself.

In the new lawsuit, the rapper is saying Armes came out of nowhere falsely claiming he should be credited.

What do you think of the lawsuit against Post Malone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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