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Probably more than any other genre, the world of heavy metal has grown in both scope and vision. And nothing quite epitomizes that sentiment as these 10 rising metal bands you need to bang your head to right now.

These groups have taken cues from existing subgenres to make their aural dreams (OK, and nightmares) come to fruition. On our list of 10 rising metal bands, there’s plenty of sonic sorcery to be had. There’s the supergroup whose members’ lineages mean business and some acid-splattering synthesizers. Witness the unit who mix super-technical feats with drop-D tuning for some real “new metal.” One band have even dismissed having a bass guitarist, using another instrument to drive the proceedings instead. One metal band actually bring the wattage with clean vocals and a prog-rock vibe. Naturally, there’s some straight-up raw ugliness here on our list, as well. Because why be catchy when you can punish people?

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In addition to the creation of sounds that are a few degrees cooler than the sun’s chronosphere, there’s also some consciousness at play. More women are getting involved in this scene in the role of dynamic singers. One outfit consists entirely of a quartet of women whose black-metal velocity might just blow your head clean off at the right volume. While some quarters of aggressive music are being co-opted for extreme right-wing ideologies, many of these metal bands are taking a stand. In fact, one band’s total raison d’etre is to lampoon the living hell out of extremists at all costs.

Spoiler alert: Our list is missing some stuff. There are no ’70s throwbacks, ’80s hair farmers or turntablists competing with the guitars. This is the sound of the future. And when you look at any kind of history, major changes have always come from those on the fringes. Volume knobs and horns up! These are the 10 metal bands you need to headbang to right now.


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