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good dye young lighter daze[Photos via erinmoser333/Instagram, sarah_louwho/Instagram, hairbydriz/Instagram]

Good Dye Young, the hair dye brand founded by Paramore’s Hayley Williams and Brian O’Connor, has just released a new line of pastel hair dyes. The brand, known for its vegan, cruelty-free products, recently dropped its line of Lighter Daze dyes, which are a pastel lover’s dream come true. 

Before the drop, fans went crazy about the product online. Now that it’s here, they’ve been experimenting with the colors and providing us inspiration for our next look.

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Here are 10 Good Dye Young Lighter Daze looks that will probably make you want to dye your hair. But why wouldn’t you when these people look this good? Check them out below. 

1. This green-and-pink pixie 

This person used the Lighter Daze shade “Wondermint” to create this pastel goth look that we’re living for. Matched with the green lipstick, this is a complete aesthetic.

2. This lilac bob

This look using the shade “Stoned Pony” is every purple lover’s dream. It looks almost natural, if you can try to think of purple hair as that, and is seamlessly blended into her roots. 

3. This shaved purple look

Using “Stoned Pony” again, this person made their short, shaved hairstyle look almost iridescent purple. This look makes us not only want to dye our hair but chop it all off as well. 

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4. This bright pink style with bangs

This person’s head looks bubblegum pink, thanks to the shade “Pink Puff.” It’s bright without being neon and will definitely match your aesthetic if pastels are your thing. 

5. This long peach look

This person was made for this hair color, which they created using the shade “Peach Fuzz.” It’s a subtle way to become a redhead or channel Williams’ signature hue without it being over-the-top bright.

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6. This rainbow fantasy 

Instagram user @sarah_louwho, who regularly creates tutorials with the brand, used every shade of the collection to create this rainbow look. All of the colors blend together perfectly, and it has that “wow” factor that’s nothing short of envious.

7. This purple-and-pink split look

The half-head trend is nothing new, but this look is totally unique by using pastel colors. Their hair looks like cotton candy in a good way, and it totally suits them.

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8. This short blue look

This person used the blue shade “Sky High” on their shaved head, and it honestly just makes them look so cool. Again, it almost appears like this could be their natural color because it looks that good. 

9. This geometric rainbow look

This person used all of the colors and made a geometric pattern on their head with hair dye, which is definitely classified as a work of art. We’re so jealous of how awesome this looks and definitely got some new hair inspiration. 

10. This rainbow bangs look

This person also used all of the colors to transform their bangs into an actual rainbow. If you impulsively cut your bangs while stuck in quarantine, consider doing this to them to make them look even better.


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